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1.0.1 pre-release

David Bjergaard

I'm releasing a pre-release of 1.0.1 (largely because I always cock something up
and feel like a fool afterwards).  I don't plan on any bug fixes between this
and the final release, I just want to make sure I don't horribly break someone's



Here's the change-log:
* 1.0.1
- Fixed various issues in the manual
- Added selection-notify event and corresponding hook
- Removed hacks related to non-sbcl lisps
- Added xrandr support
- Removed xdpyinfo dependency
- Added functions for tiling group (*split-equally)
- Made use of shell in interactive prompts more consistent with
  internal behavior
- Added ability to float and unfloat windows within a tiling group,
  allowing for "picture-in-picture"
- Added ability to pin floats on top of tiled windows
- Added define-interactive-keymap macro for hydra-like keybindings

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