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2.3.4 released

John Ogness-2

Today was the release of version 2.3.4 of Dazuko. This is now the
current stable release. This version brings a lot of small changes to
improve installation and compatibility with various Linux kernels. It
also provides one major change for Linux 2.6 when using Dazuko with LSM
(default and recommended).

For Linux 2.6/LSM, the __d_path kernel symbol, root, and rootmnt
dependencies no longer exist, while still supporting chroot
environments. This was accomplished by deligating file name resolution
to the registered processes. Previously this was done within the process
performing the file access.

This is the same technique that is planned to be used for the new
dazukoGetAccessFilename() function that will be available in Dazuko 3.x
for getting "real" filenames. The difference being that this function is
only called when the registered application is actually interested in
the name (as opposed to version 2.3.4, where it is called for each access).

Please view the CHANGELOG for a more detailed list of the many small

John Ogness

Dazuko Maintainer

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