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A two players mode for Enigma

Daniel Hadas
I have implemented a "local two players" mode for Enigma. It allows controlling the Yin and Yang simultaneously with mice connected to the same computer. It is not complete, but it's playable. You can find the source here.
I use the <a href="http://I use the ManyMouse library">ManyMouse library to get the mouse input.

One major problem with this implementation is that the screen is shared between the players, so it is not practical to play simultaneously in two different rooms. However there are still many levels to play, I found that only about 35 out of the 160 two-players levels had more than one room.

I would appreciate any feedback from you.

Some notes:
1. On Linux, there is an additional build dependency: libxi-dev.
2. Attached is a levelpack of all the level that provide a two player option (i.e, are marked with el:network="true"). You can put it in your "cross" library and it will appear in the user level group.
3. Switching between single and two players modes is done with a new button in the level menu, or while playing, with the commands 'onemouse' and 'twomice'.
4. The assignment of mice is done automatically, the first mouse to move is Yin and the second is Yang.
5. Scores are currently not saved in two players mode, they are marked as a cheat and discarded.
6. Tested on Debian Linux.

One more thing: I wonder if someone can help me out with cross-compiling enigma for windows. I have installed a newer version of MXE so I had to modify mxe-configure.sh. I guess that this is the reason for the build error that I got. I attached the modified mxe-configure.sh and a log of the failed build.

Daniel Hadas

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