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Black window on macOS

Karl-Peter Weiss
Hi everyone,

I just found out, that this brilliant game is available for macOS users too!

I downloaded it and started it, but could not play the game because of a bug.

  • What operating system are you using?

macOS Sierra 10.12.4

  • Which Enigma version are you using?

Version 1.21

  • What did you do when the bug happened?

Start the application

  • What exactly did you see then?

A black window with menu items in white font (see screenshot attached).
No mouse cursor or any other visual element could be seen.
When clicking by lucky guesses the route to a game, it remains all black and no elements of the game could be seen.

  • Is the problem ongoing or reproduceable?

This error occurs every time, I start the game.

Kind regards

Karl-Peter Weiss

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