Bug Report for Android mediastreamer2

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Bug Report for Android mediastreamer2

Hello everybody,
    I am Wady, a fan from China. I am learning about flexisip and linphone. It crashes when I use the Android linphone for long conversations. I have found a bug.

Simple describe:
 AMediaFormat* AMediaCodec_getOutputFormat(AMediaCodec *codec) {
        AMediaFormat *format = AMediaFormat_new();
        JNIEnv *env = ms_get_jni_env();
        jobject jformat = NULL;

+       if (format == NULL)
+               return NULL;
+       env->DeleteGlobalRef(format->jformat);
+       format->jformat = NULL;
        jformat = env->CallObjectMethod(codec->jcodec, codec->getOutputFormat);
        if (!jformat) {


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