Bug report: --check-destination-dir fails on an aborted backup

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Bug report: --check-destination-dir fails on an aborted backup


I'd like to report a bug in rdiff-backup 1.1.14.  I aborted and tried to
restart a backup process.  Usually, --check-destination-dir reverts the
failed backup and allows me to restart.  However, after the last abort I
ended up with a tree that can't be reverted to a working state.
rdiff-backup crashes with the following failed assert:

AssertionError: Bad index order: ('long_filename_data', '2') >= ('home',
'user', '.encfs', '1W-y6Ea0dcpHd0', 'cZCtR3esAYfPQ1', 'TOvptAO5XdLD-1',
'2aEaDfdVUITNB1', 'tMSadZKVHp8O90', '3M1q4TwTFJ8GwH-IkYCe6REKmXbtuz10m,,',

The full output is attached to this message.

Did I hit a new bug or is it a known one ?  Is there a quick fix to make
the tree usable ?

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