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Can't open Circle

I know I am very late... I saw the project, and time ran away...

I'm a Windows user, and as you can guess I can't compile things.


I ran "gtk+-2.8.18-setup", that smoothly installed gtk+ shared files. I also
added the lib directory to the Path System Variable (there was only bin).

Next, I ran "python-2.4.3.msi", suceeded installation.

To finish installation of required environments, I ran
"pygtk-2.6.3-1.win32-py2.4.exe", installing smoothly.

So now, I took the Circle.pyw file. It showed a green snake as icon, and
double clicking would launch "pythonw.exe", which will never be visible, but
disappear from the process list seconds after I launched it. This happens
again and again.


So, I thought perhaps the new python and gtk is not 'compatible', so it
would just not do anything.

I then installed an older <python 2.3> with the <pygtk-2.6.3> and

After launching Circle.pyw by double-clicking, "pythonw" again just closes

I don't know if there is debugging information like some error logs, if you
can activate them, or what is happening.


Does anybody have an idea how I can further analyse the problem, or what
might be the cause?
How can I get Circle starting?

And btw, is the project still a very little bit active?

What are "smart firewalls"? Does it support "UDP Hole Punching" or some NAT
traversal? Can you configure the port it uses?
If someone is behind NAT, can messages be sent through open clients?
"Another option is adding relaying support, like what Mnet and others
have.  It works well, but it might not be easy to add to circle."
I guess that means "No, currently not"?

If this project is dead, is there another one with the same ideas? I love
the features of the circle...

greets Sonnentier

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Re: Can't open Circle

Faried Nawaz
Try opening a cmd window, and typing "start circle.pyw" or maybe
"c:\python2.4\bin\python.exe circle.pyw" -- maybe that'll print
something useful?

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