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Can't receive calls

Antonis Christofides


I've been a Linphone user for several years. Since some time it doesn't receive calls (although I can make calls). The problem probably started when I upgraded Debian, which upgraded Linphone to 3.12.0 from 3.6.1.

I'm using a commercial SIP provider. I can receive calls on my Android on CSipSimple (on the same network). I briefly tried Zoiper on my Debian system and it works too. I tried removing all Linphone configuration and restarting from scratch, but I wasn't able to improve anything. I attach the debug log (whose last few entries repeat every 5 seconds for ever).

Is there any FAQ or debugging help anywhere?



Antonis Christofides
+30-2118000592 (work)
+30-6979924665 (mobile)

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