Chicken 5 ports of pkbdf2 and md2

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Chicken 5 ports of pkbdf2 and md2

Alaric Snell-Pym-2
Hi there!

As it was needed by something else I had to port, I did a quick port of
pbkdf2 and md2 to chicken 5 - using cond-expand so the same codebase can
work for C5 and C4, it's not a fork.

Also, I have a copy of a patch to md2 by Andy Bennett for C89 support
that I based the C5 port on top of, and he'd be delighted if that got
merged in upstream as well.

I've attached them all as patches, if you'd like to commit it to the
repo I'd be happy to add them to the C5 egg list so it can be installed
with chicken-install :-)

Hope you like it & thanks for the eggs in the first place,

Alaric Snell-Pym

pbkdf2-c5-support (2K) Download Attachment
md2-c5-support (1K) Download Attachment
md2-c89 (1K) Download Attachment