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Compile problems

Olaf Gellert

I am trying to compile SKS and get some ugly errors.
I fetched the actual CVS version yesterday, and I
use ocaml 3.08.3.

After copying Makefile.local.unused to Makefile.local
and changing the "PREFIX" Variable, I run:

make dep
make all

Everything runs fine until:

cp lib/kernel/long_int.a lib/common/libcnumx.a
ar -rc lib/common/libcnumx.a  lib/common/c-long_int-c.o lib/common/c-long_int-d.o
lib/common/c-long_int-s.o lib/common/chrono.o
ranlib lib/common/libcnumx.a

Then the warnings and errors start:

gcc -O2 -Wall -Dbits_32 -Duseless_init -I/home/gellert/software/ocaml/lib/ocaml
-DOCAML_VERSION=308.3 -Ilib/kernel -Duse_clong -o lib/common/ml-long_int-c.o -c
lib/common/ml-long_int.c:47:5: floating constant in preprocessor expression
lib/common/ml-long_int.c:57:1: warning: "Noreturn" redefined
In file included from /home/gellert/software/ocaml/lib/ocaml/caml/mlvalues.h:23,
                 from lib/common/ml-long_int.c:43:
/home/gellert/software/ocaml/lib/ocaml/caml/misc.h:42:1: warning: this is the location of
the previous definition
In file included from lib/common/ml-long_int.c:65:
lib/common/ml-alloc.h:58:5: floating constant in preprocessor expression
lib/common/ml-alloc.h:157:1: warning: "Begin_roots1" redefined
In file included from lib/common/ml-long_int.c:45:

Finally I get some (many) undefined symbols and an error:

lib/common/ml-long_int.c: In function `cx_fact_k_in':
lib/common/ml-long_int.c:769: error: `__v' undeclared (first use in this function)
lib/common/ml-long_int.c: In function `cx_of_string':
lib/common/ml-long_int.c:783: error: `__v' undeclared (first use in this function)
make[1]: *** [lib/common/ml-long_int-c.o] Error 1

Anyone has a guess what happens? Thanks, Olaf

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