Compiling Gluster RPMs for v5.x on Suse SLES15

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Compiling Gluster RPMs for v5.x on Suse SLES15

David Spisla-3
Dear Gluster Community,

I want to compile my own Gluster RPMs for v5.x on a Suse Sles15 machine. I am using the spec file from here:

There is a Build Requirement 'rpcgen' which causes confusion to me. I had a chat with Kaleb Keithley a few months ago:

This statement seems to be interesting:
„Miuku on #opensuse-buildservice poked around and found that the unbundled

rpcgen in SLE_15 comes from the rpcsvc-proto rpm. (Not the rpcgen rpm as it does in Fedora and RHEL8.)


All the gluster community packages for SLE_15 going back to glusterfs-5.0 in October 2018 have used the unbundled rpcgen. You can do the same, or remove the BuildRequires: rpcgen line and use the glibc bundled rpcgen.

Unfortunately there is no rpcsvc-proto rpm for SLES15:

I don't know where the guys from Suse OBS had this rpm from. There is maybe the way to compile the rpcsvc-proto src rpm  on a SLES15, but this is no good solution in my opinion. So I tried to remove the 'rpcgen' requirement from the spec file and create the RPMs by using glibc bundled rpcgen according to Kalebs advise. It works and Gluster seems to be running stable.

Do you think there are any risks in using glibc bundled rpcgen for creating Gluster 5.x RPMs

or should I prefer the rpcgen from rpcsvc-proto rpm ?


David Spisla


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