Comptabilite et Notes de frais

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Comptabilite et Notes de frais

Laurent De Coninck

It seems an error in the accountancy about the expense report.

When the expense report is taken into account in the accountancy, the 40000 is Credited why not the 44000 (Third parties)

40000 - ClientsXXXXXX0,00471,10  
61480 - RepasRepas471,100,00

And the expense report is payed, the 44000 is used ... 

55000 - Comptes courantsPaiement des notes de frais - Banque BE_BELFIUS -XXXXX0,00471,10  
44000 - Fournisseurs44000Paiement des notes de frais -XXXXXX471,100,00

Is someone else has the same issue ?


De Coninck Laurent
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