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Configuring Proxy

David McNeill
Did you get an answer how to configure LinPhone to talk to a SIP
account on a SIP server? Seems like the most basic function of a SIP
client out of the box. Register with SIP server.

I get the same exclamation as you show in that screen shot.  Since
there is no password or filename box  in the preferences, I was
expecting LinPhone to pop open a password dialog on first connect, but
nothing has appeared, just the red exclamation box.

The user interface is so minimal that the syntax is not clear, and
there is no documentation that shows the correct format.

Platform: Kubuntu 20.04.1 x86_64     Linphone-4.2.2.AppImage Qt 5.12.5
Core 4.4.0-13-gc99cb9c88

Main SIP account settings - these are ambiguous, and no help is available.
SIP address*
SIP Server address*

Also, the Confirm button enables and disables, based on some rules
about the format, but these are not clear, or listed anywhere I can

Can anyone show a screenshot or point to information on how to connect
preferences in LinPhone gui app to an ordinary SIP server.
Alternatively, documentation for the "Fetch Remote Configuration" file
syntax would be fine.

Fine, clean looking software, well done developers.


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