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DazukoFS preview next week

John Ogness-2

The first preveiw version of Dazuko 3.0 (using DazukoFS) will be posted
next week for Dazuko's 5th birthday. Although heavy testing is required,
it seems to be running well. I am now using it on my workstation
(Linux/x86_64) and laptop (Linux/ppc). (This either shows how stable the
code is or how stupid I am. ;) Brief tests on FreeBSD6/i386 have also
been successful.

The version in CVS is basically ready for the package next week:

$ env CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -z3 \
-d:pserver:[hidden email]:/sources/dazuko \
co -r REL_3 dazuko

You will notice that the directory structure is completely reorganized.
After running "./configure", a build directory structure is created for
compiling the various components. In the doc directory are two HOWTO's
(one for Linux, one for FreeBSD) that briefly discuss how to set up

The following limitations exist in this version. This must be changed
for the final release.

- only OPEN events are generated

- only pseudo-filenames are generated (applications currently cannot
determine the accessed file's real name)

- only ext3 (Linux) and UFS2 (FreeBSD) file systems have been tested

The purpose the official preview version is to encourage people to test
and provide feedback for the upcoming DazukoFS.

John Ogness

Dazuko Maintainer

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