Duplicity 0.7.18 Released

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Duplicity 0.7.18 Released

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Thanks to the contributors for all the hard work!

Full details of the release and the tarball can be found at Milestone 0.7.18


New in v0.7.18 (2018/08/21)
* Fixed bug #1756550 Online html man page is showing a 0 byte file
* Partial fix of bug #1734144 with patch from Joris van Eijden
  - Note: this is really just a partial fix for now, since it only covers
    the case where the local size does not yet match the remote size. A
    case where -1 is the returned length is not fixed.
  - Number of retries is now same as globals.num_retries.
  - Added standoff delay of 0.5 sec per attempt.
* Fixed bug #1764432 with patch from Robke Geenen
  - Just join the parts together.
* Fixed bug #1717935 with suggestion from strainu
  - Use urllib.quote_plus() to properly quote pathnames passed via URL
* Fixed bug #1780617 Test fail when GnuPG >= 2.2.8
  - Relevant change in GnuPG 2.2.8: https://dev.gnupg.org/T3981
  - Added '--ignore-mdc-error' to all gpg calls made.
* Fixed bug #1785520 with patch from Chris Hunt
  - Fix for B2 version 1.3.4 just released
* Fix a 2to3 error in ssh_paramiko_backend.py

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