Echo when using external webcam on Android

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Echo when using external webcam on Android

Utsav Mitra

I’ve been trying to implement the Linphone SDK for Android connected to a TV with an external Logitech webcam (C920) but have been facing terrible echo, whilst using the following parameters:
#speaker energy threshold (linear scale) above which echo limiter decreases mic gain.
#attenuation applied to mic gain (linear scale)
#minimum time in milliseconds during which attenuation is applied
el_sustain=600 we tried 250 and 1000 also
#double talk detection: threshold of ratio mic-energy/speaker-energy above which mic input is sent anyway.
#noise gate floorgain (gain applied when no voice is detected).
I’m confused as to where to look and tinker around to work around the echo issue and was hoping you could provide some clarity. The attached audio file contains reciting from 1-10 and the echo is loud each time.


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