Enigma 1.01 released

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Enigma 1.01 released

Ronald Lamprecht
I am pleased to announce the release of Enigma 1.01. The new version can
be downloaded from


The list of new and improved features includes:

     * 60++ new level (now more than 1000 in total)
     * Added easy mode to some existing levels
     * Fixes of all levels with known shortcuts
     * Finnish translation, French and Russian 1.0 manuals
     * Support of updatable cross internet level packs
     * Sound damping for noisy levels
     * User sound sets besides the Enigma sound set
     * Windows installer reengineering to modern NSI
     * Many smaller enhancements

With 1.01 you can rate updated levels with another rating than the prior
release that may have been shortcutable. Please continue to send us your
feedback by sending back your score file as described in Score
Registration page (http://www.nongnu.org/enigma/documentation.html).

Many thanks go to the team that made this release a reality: to Raoul
Bourquin and Andreas Lochmann, who worked tirelessly to make this the
best Enigma release ever, and to everyone who contributed levels, bug
reports, good advice or simply encouragement.

Have fun!

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