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Enigma 1.21-alpha

Andreas Lochmann-2

Dear authors, contributors, and friends,

we are happy to announce Enigma 1.21-alpha.
It features five new languages: Croatian, Czech,
Danish, Scottish-Gaelic, and Slovak; and updates
to most other languages, including a Russian
reference manual. We are deeply indebted to our
translators, and particularly to Michi, who coor-
dinated the switch of our translation system to
Transifex! Enigma 1.21-alpha further includes the
new levels of a whole year and some bug fixes.

We want to release Enigma 1.21 within four weeks.
1.21-alpha is a test version to identify problems
and bugs, and to get the compilation to MacOS
done. For this, we need your help, as you can
help with one of the following points:
 - Please search for bugs,
 - check the translations for typos, display
   problems, and missing strings,
 - try to create packages from the source,
 - and try to compile for MacOS.
You can answer us directly, or to the list, and
we will shortly open a forum topic for 1.21-alpha
on mag-heut.net. Thank you all very much in

You can find 1.21-alpha on Sourceforge:

The default warnings for installing a test version
apply; please save your scores and self-written
levels before you try to install Enigma 1.21-alpha.

Let's hunt some bugs!
The Enigma Team

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String nits

Fòram na Gàidhlig
I have some nits regarding strings - please let me know if you wish me
to create proper bug reports for any of these. Since Berlios went the
way of the dodo, is http://sourceforge.net/p/enigma-game/tickets/ your
current bug tracker?

1. Translating yes/no

I always have a the problem with my language that there is no word for
yes/no, so one has to repeat the verb in the question. Enigma seems to
have 2 instances of yes/no only. one id for the fullscreen mode, and the
other is for the levelpacks. according to the source code, it as
something to do with a "SokoballButton", which I can't find in the UI.

My yes/no translation for the Fullscreen option is really awkward at the
moment, and I would like to change my translation to "on/off". Is is
possible to split the translation with pgettext, or could someone point
me to the elusive SokoballButton, so I could try to find a translation
that fits both?

2. Level pack menu

It's full of English language strings, although my translation on
Transifex is at 100%. German has the same problem, so I expect the
strings haven't been marked for translation.

3. Not enough space for translation of "Error: empty group name not
allowed - press "Undo" to exit without modifications"

I know we don't have text wrapping - is it possible for ranslators to
use \n to define line breaks manually?

Tested with 640x480 screen resolution

4. What is the "Delete Group" button supposed to do? I can't mark
anything for deletion.

5. "World record by %s:" %s seems to have the keyword "others" hardcoded
in English. Also, the whole string doesn't fit on the screen in the gd
translation. SInce usernames can get arbitrarily long anyway, I
recommend splitting this into 2 lines.

Tested with 640x480 screen resolution

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