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Error fetching key from hash

Jonathan Oxer-4

Thanks to a couple of helpful people I now have
gossiping with 2 other SKS servers and it's caught up. However, while
syncing there were a lot of entries in recon.log similar to "Error
fetching key from hash 64011A8B". Being curious I went digging and found
the error string in at line 351, in the
"get_keystrings_from_hashes" function. That function is only ever called
from one place, which is when a "/pks/hashquery" operation is being

Am I correct in assuming that this error is harmless, and that it occurs
just because the peer is providing data about updates to keys which
don't exist in the local database and therefore SKS can't find a
matching keystring to compare with?

Unless I hear otherwise I'll assume it's not actually an error, more
along the lines of an informational entry, and I don't need to worry
about it.

Cheers   :-)
Jonathan Oxer
Ph +61 3 9723 9399

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