Force linphone to check for calls

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Force linphone to check for calls

Sibert Declercq

Hello everyone,


I’m new to this mailing list, so I hope this is the right place for this question, my apologies if it’s not.


This is the situation I’m in (it’s a inherited project, so I’m not 100% sure of how this all works): I’m making calls from an Asterisk-server to an Android phone. Since Android keeps restricting background services I’m sending a push message to the device.

When this pushmessage is received by the device, it does the whole register thing, but linphone doesn’t seem to receive the call unless it was already running before the call started. So my question is it possible to force Linphone to check for incoming calls or am I looking at this the wrong way?


I hope I have provided enough information.


Kind regards,


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