Free Invite to Top Ten Free SEO Tools Web Training Event

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Free Invite to Top Ten Free SEO Tools Web Training Event

L. Viterbo

Getting to the top of Googleor Bing is a major marketing goal for most
companies.  Customers do not really use the Yellow Pages anymore! They
use Google.  Or perhaps Google+ Local, or Yelp, or Bing.  

But do you know how to influence the Mountain View search giant so that
your company gets to the top? I do.  Let me help you by showing you how
during our introductory one hour free webinar on the Top Ten Free Tools
for Google / Rank / SEO. In this one hour FREE presentation we identify
and teach you how to use the TOP TEN free SEO tools - so you can use no
cost tools to dominate Google and Bing.

To get registered for the webcast - click on this link to continue:

About the full class.  After the free introductory webinar, you may
continue with a 7-session class on SEO.  Topics include link-building,
HTML page tags, keywords, Google analytics and more.  Each class is
taught live and recorded as well.

Thank you,

Luis Viterbo
Marketing Manager

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