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HOWTO install from source tarball

Andy Stewart-2

Hi Everybody,

I've received several questions recently about how to install xlog from
the source tarball.

1) Download the latest xlog from here:

2) Note that as of this writing, the latest version is 2.0.15, so the
desired file would be:  xlog-2.0.15.tar.gz

3) The rest of these instructions should be done as root and within a
terminal window.  On Ubuntu systems (and perhaps others), one
accomplishes this in a terminal window by typing the "sudo -i" command,
typing the password when prompted, and then notice the new prompt
starting with "#".

4) On "Andy's Ham Radio Linux", I created /usr/local/tarballs.  Copy the
downloaded xlog-2.0.15.tar.gz to that directory, or mentally adjust the
following instructions, depending on where your downloaded file lives.

5) cd /usr/local/src

6) tar xzvf ../tarballs/xlog-2.0.15.tar.gz

7) That will cause a lot of files to be written to the hard disk, in a
subdirectory called xlog-2.0.15.

8) cd xlog-2.0.15

9) ./configure
If this step fails, read the INSTALL file for instructions about
additional software packages that might need to be installed, such as
hamlib.  The names of these software packages, and the process for
installing them, vary depending on your Linux distribution.

10) make

11) make install

12) /usr/local/bin/xlog

13) In the xlog GUI, look at the Help->About menu to be sure you're
running version 2.0.15.

If any of the steps causes an error, stop and resolve the problem before

Note that most source tarballs require the standard 3 commands to build

make install



Andy Stewart (KB1OIQ)
Founder:   Worcester Linux Users' Group
Founder:   Chelmsford Linux Meetup Group
President: PART of Westford, MA (WB1GOF)

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