Hardware improvements for keyserver.dobrev.[it|eu]

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Hardware improvements for keyserver.dobrev.[it|eu]

Martin Dobrev

After nearly couple of months of neglecting my SKS servers I finally
found sufficient time to migrate or re-provision them on a better
hardware. I'm now running keyserver.dobrev.eu in a clustered environment
(a node for recon and two nodes for API queries). keyserver.dobrev.it is
still a stand-alone server linked only to the other one. All instances
were properly patched to deal with the poison key from few months ago.
Next to it I've decided to add a caching layer for frequently downloaded
keys and it seems it copes now way better with the magnitude of queries
that FreePBX installations for example do every minute or so. That being
said cache is invalidated every five minutes so that I can avoid serving
stale data for a long while.

The only thing that's left over is the spring cleaning of my peers list:
. As you can see a fraction of peers are not reachable at all. They will
be removed in the upcoming days. I still want to reinstate cross-peering
with some of you. I realize that my peering line has been eventually
removed by some of you after my servers were not listed since end of
November 2018.

Those of you that want to peer with me, feel free to send me your
details over.

keyserver.dobrev.eu 11370 # Martin Dobrev <[hidden email]>

Kind regards,
Martin dobrev

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