Heartfelt thanks for the Python2 --> Python3 work!

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Heartfelt thanks for the Python2 --> Python3 work!

David Croll

Hi Eric and others,

I just felt having to thank you for your ongoing migration work. I love
rdiff-backup so much, though I only have to backup two private laptops.

rdiff-backup makes backups? Yeah.

It can easily restore specific versions of files and folders? That's
great for work, e.g. when somebody refers to a database version from two
weeks ago. I just need to find the right file in the /increments
directory and off I go.

The most recent backup is easily accessible? I often use rdiff-backup to
move files between my two computers. When I travel with one of the
laptops, I always have a USB drive with me.

It's one of most important tools I use every day.

Thank you,


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