Hello to list. Need help with mediawiki.el

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Hello to list. Need help with mediawiki.el

Hello everybody.
I want to use emacs for edit mediawiki, I found mediawiki.el but I
have some dudes about it. I don't know if this is an apropiate list
for request for help, but I don't find any howto, tutorial or
disscusion about. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong??

I put mediawiki.el in the path ~/.elisp
I put this on my ~/.emacs file:
;mediawiki edition
(setq mediawiki-url "http://janzo.net/wiki/index.php")
(require 'mediawiki)

(first dubt: can I edit a non local wiki? or it has to be a local wiki?)

then I run emacs
M x mediawiki-mode
M x mediawiki-set-url http://janzo.net/wiki/index.php

(second dubt: why I have to enable mediawiki-mode and set url? It is
already set in ~/.emacs it isn't?)

M x mediawiki-browse (this don't do anything)
M x mediawiki-open Portada
Then I get this message: <<Wrong type argument: integerp, "close">>
and in the debugger I get this:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument integerp "close")
  concat("Connection" ": " ("close"))
  (lambda (pair) (concat (car pair) ": " (cdr pair)))(("Connection" "close"))
  mapconcat((lambda (pair) (concat (car pair) ": " (cdr pair)))
(("Connection" "close")) "
  (setq message-headers (mapconcat (lambda ... ...) headers "
  (progn (setq message-headers (mapconcat ... headers "
  (if headers (progn (setq message-headers ...)))
  (when headers (setq message-headers (mapconcat ... headers "
  (let* (host dir file port proc buf command start-line
(message-headers "")) (unless (string-match
"http://\\([^/:]+\\)\\(:\\([0-9]+\\)\\)?/\\(.*/\\)?\\([^:]*\\)" url)
(error "Cannot parse URL %s." url)) (unless bufname (setq bufname
...)) (setq host (match-string 1 url) port (or ... 80) dir (or ... "")
file (or ... "") buf (get-buffer-create bufname) proc
(open-network-stream ... buf ... ...)) (if sentinel (set-buffer buf)
(switch-to-buffer buf)) (erase-buffer) (kill-all-local-variables)
(with-current-buffer buf (setq http-host host) (setq http-url url))
(if content-type (setq file ...)) (setq start-line (concat ... ...))
(when http-emacs-use-cookies (let ... ...)) (when headers (setq
message-headers ...)) (setq command (format "%s%s
\n" start-line message-headers)) (http-log (format "Connecting to %s
%d\nCommand:\n%s\n" host port command)) (http-log message-headers)
(set-process-sentinel proc (or sentinel ...))
(set-process-coding-system proc (quote binary) (quote binary)) (when
(fboundp ...) (with-current-buffer buf ...)) (set-process-filter proc
(quote http-filter)) (set-marker (process-mark proc) (point-max))
(process-send-string proc command) proc)
(("Connection" "close")) nil nil "MediaWiki: Portada" nil)
  (set (quote proc) (http-get page-uri headers nil http-ver bufname
  (let ((page-uri url) (page-timestamp nil) (doc-timestamp nil) (proc
nil) (headers ...) (userAndPassword nil)) (when (string-match
mediawiki-password-URI-pattern page-uri) (setq userAndPassword ...)
(setq page-uri ...) (add-to-list ... ...)) (set (quote proc) (http-get
page-uri headers nil http-ver bufname content-type)) (emacs-wiki-mode)
(set-buffer-file-coding-system (quote utf-8)) (make-local-variable
(quote mediawiki-page-timestamp)) (setq mediawiki-page-timestamp nil)
(set (make-local-variable ...) title) (set (make-local-variable ...)
page-uri) (set (make-local-variable ...) userAndPassword) (unless
goto-end (while ... ...) (goto-char 1)) (not-modified) proc)
"MediaWiki: Portada" nil nil nil)
  mediawiki-edit("Portada" "raw")

Please, can you help me? I try to get help in #emacs channel and
somebody tell me that there was a bug on mediawiki.el, but I can't
program in Lisp so I can't fix it.

Thanks in advance.
Alicante, Spain.

Blog: http://janzo.net
Mi parolas esperanton: http://klaku.net
GPG public key: $wget -O - http://janzo.net/janzo.asc | gpg –import

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