How to treat nested comments?

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How to treat nested comments?

Oliver Gramberg

Hello Grammatica users,

I want to write a parser for a language that allows nested comments:  /* ... /* ... */ ... */ is valid but /* ... /* ... */ is not. Obviously, I cannot cover that with just a regular expression. I started by defining tokens similar to the following: (don't bother with correctness here ;-)  )

NESTED_COMMENT_CONTENTS = << ... (ugly regexp matching anything except COMMENT_START or COMMENT_END) >>

One big problem with this is that NESTED_COMMENT_CONTENTS, as intended, matches anything except COMMENT_START or COMMENT_END, which can be as much as all from the current position until the end of the input file! That changes the running time from close to O(n) to something like O(n^2) - 102 sec. on a 34k input file.

Before NFAs were introduced to tokenize (Grammatica up to 1.5 alpha 2, if I'm right), my solution was to
- add an "enabled" flag to the token patterns, and
- hack the tokenizer to not match a token pattern that is not enabled,
- to keep track of the number of COMMENT_START and COMMENT_END encountered, and
- to enable NESTED_COMMENT_CONTENTS only when "inside" a comment.

Since Grammatice 1.5 release, NESTED_COMMENT_CONTENTS is being recognized by the new NFA implementation where I cannot find an easy way to disable a token pattern.

Any suggestions?


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