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Increment Missing ?

Mike Bydalek-3

I'm using rdiff-backup 1.0.4 to backup several servers, and recently I
noticed that some increments contain a "missing" - which doesn't really
settle well with me.  Actually, there are a *lot* of missing increments
from our fileserver backup:

fileserver@bob ~/server-root/rdiff-backup-data $ find . -name
'*.missing' -print | wc -l

Here's an example increment from Jan 16th, and the increment is
missing.  How does this happen?  Is it anything serious?  Can I do
something to prevent it?


$ rdiff-backup -l Computer\ Inventory.xls
Found 3 increments:
    Computer Inventory.xls.2006-01-16T21:45:37-07:00.missing   Mon Jan
16 21:45:37 2006
    Computer Inventory.xls.2006-01-19T21:45:43-07:00.diff.gz   Thu Jan
19 21:45:43 2006
    Computer Inventory.xls.2006-02-08T21:45:40-07:00.diff.gz   Wed Feb
8 21:45:40 2006
Current mirror: Wed Feb 15 11:45:52 2006

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