Linphone Android Uability Questions and one Issue

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Linphone Android Uability Questions and one Issue

I'm not using the latest. I'm running 3.25 as it included g.729. It's working really nicely, but I have some questions/issues:

1. I have two SIP accounts. One is personal, one is for work. Currently, to change the account I am dialing out of, I have to go into Settings and change the default account. Is there an easier way to toggle which account I am using?

If not, a suggestion: CSIPSimple had an easy toggle in the dialer screen. You press on a label and it toggles to the other account.

2. Currently, I have Direct Dial shortcuts on the desktop of the phone. When I touch one of these I am prompted by Android whether to use Phone, Linphone or Skype to dial the call. If I pick Linphone, it opens but doesn't dial anything. Any suggestions on this?

3. Is there an independent setting for the Linphone ringer volume?


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