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Andreassen, Trygve

To Whom It May Concern


We are starting a 50 seat lab using Linux red hat 6/7, and we have some questions.

  1. Presumably Linphone supports those Red Hat versions.
  2. Does Linphone support G.729 codec for voice compression?
    1. If not, is there a recommended way?
  3. Presumably Linphone can be set to use multicast only.  How easy is that to configure?
  4. Can we configure Linphone to specific ports?  We have 1 computer which will send output to a BNC based system.  The Input and Output are on separate BNC lines.
    1. We could use 1 or more USB ports, which we could send to an external USB/BNC converter box.  Not sure how we would split the speaker/headphone for the BNC box however.  Any advise?

And last, cost for something like the above?



Trygve Andreassen

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