Looking for peers for keys.n3npq.net

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Looking for peers for keys.n3npq.net

Jeff Johnson-12
Hi --

I've set up an SKS 1.1.1 keyserver (with db-5.0.21) at the static IP
address (also known as "keys.n3npq.net" and "keys.pmman.com")
and am looking for peers:
        keys.n3npq.net 11370 # Jeff Johnson <[hidden email]>

The server is collocated (in Columbus OH USA iirc) and likely has a Very
Big Pipe attached (if that matters). The keydump used was from
yesterday, downloaded from
and the store appears to be synchronized and up-to-date.

It will take another week or so to stabilize "keys.n3npq.net"
and ensure reliable availability, and turn on IPv6, mail forwarding,
and add a web page, all of which is intended, just not quite
there yet.

The usage case for keys.n3npq.net (and keys.rpm5.org) is to automate *.rpm
package signature verification pubkey retrieval through hkp://, integrating
the SKS KDB schema with a Berkeley DB rpmdb, and to look carefully at the
set reconciliation algorithm for use with not only pubkey servers, but also
*.rpm package repository metadata.

I also hope to permit dual SQL/CRUD access to the underlying database
store using db-5.0.21.


73 de Jeff

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