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Looking for people to test Minarca

Patrik Dufresne-2

I've already written a couple of times in this mailing list about a project
named Minarca that is closely related to rdiff-backup and rdiffweb. Minarca
is an end-to-end backup solution for service provider or small businesses.
Minarca was a closed-source project used to provide our backup service. We
are using it for the last 4 years in production environment.

Last year, I decided to contribute back to the community by making Minarca
Open Source. It was a bumpy ride to make it flexible enough for everybody
to use.

I'm getting closer to a final product and I'm looking for people feedback.
People willing to deploy Minarca, test it in their environment and
report back issues, bugs, etc.

Compared to rdiffweb, Minarca provide additional features starting with and
installation package, an integrated client to ease the linking process (no
more SSH key exchanges) and provide additional security.

If you are interested, I invite you to contact me directly by email.

Thank you,

Patrik Dufresne Service Logiciel inc.
http://www.patrikdufresne.com <http://patrikdufresne.com/>/
130 rue Doris
St-Colomban, QC J5K 1T9
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