Messaging and multiple devices registered to the same account

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Messaging and multiple devices registered to the same account

Hello linphone-users,

I use the messaging feature of Linphone a lot, and I have my clients
on my laptop (GNU/Linux & Qt) and smartphone (Android) both registered
to the same account at  Whenever a message is sent
to that account, the entire Linphone system (perhaps including some
servers) seemingly tries to both of my devices.  However, that is not
done perfectly:

- Sometimes, a message get delivered to only one of them when it is
  sent, only to be delivered a lot later to the other.  -
- Re-registering myself on my phone app sometimes makes the messages
  not yet delivered to my phone be delivered, but not always.
- Even when my laptop is hibernated, and my phone is on the Internet,
  messages sometimes get delivered to my laptop (which show up when I
  turn it on) and not to my phone.

Given these, my questions are:

(1) How does Linphone handle messages that are sent to a sip address
at to which multiple clients are registered?
(2) What can I do to make sure that messages get delivered to the
device that I am actually seeing?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Best regards,
Kentaro YAMAMOTO <[hidden email]>

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