NAT Traversal using Linphone SDK

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NAT Traversal using Linphone SDK

André Maricato
Hi Everyone.

Have been testing the linphone-sdk in iOS (via the swift wrapper) for a possible project. I can setup the linphone core, proxy configuration and auth information to make registration happen, can make and answer calls.

But one thing I can't get to work for my life, is the nat traversal stuff, tried the NAT policy methods/objects on the Core and Proxy Configuration, but everything I do seems to have no effect whatsoever. Not with just STUN enabled, or TURN, OR ICE for that matter, tried several stun servers. Checking with Wireshark and see no STUN traffic in any situation I could think off to test. Here is just a snippet of the code I'm using:

let natp = try self.core?.createNatPolicy()
natp?.stunServer = ""
natp?.stunServerUsername = ""
natp?.stunEnabled = true
natp?.turnEnabled = false
natp?.iceEnabled = false
natp?.upnpEnabled = false

coreProxyConfig?.natPolicy = natp!

Followed some examples to get here but... I'm out of ideas on what I may be doing wrong.

Anyone else that had issues getting this thing to work can share what was the trick? Or some of the devs can share some knowledge on the process for getting there?

Have been trying to setup logging to see if linphone spills something out but also difficult so, guess the mailing list is the hope.

Thanks in advance to any kind soul.

Best regards.

André Maricato
Telephony Network Engineer

t: (+‬351‭) ‬916 297 340‬351‭ ‬210 200 000
Rua Mar da China, 1 - 1.3  | 1990-137 Lisboa - Portugal

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