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John Clizbe-2
Sep 2nd around 0120 (US/Central) my ISP did maintenance work and moved my
neighborhood to a new IP block.

This past Saturday (23:25), the pwr supply on my router died and when I had the
backup in place and operational, I DHCPed a new IP. Each time the dynamic IP
monitoring s/w on my machine caught the change and updated the DNS provider
within a few minutes.

Since the most recent update, 1/3 of my peers have the new address and are
synchronizing. A bit more than 1/2 had updated when the second change happened.

I've made a list of servers which haven't had a reconciliation with mine since
the address changes.  If your server is in the list below, would you please
touch your membership file so SKS will reload addresses and pick up the new address?

As a longer-term fix, please consider adding 'reload_membership_interval:' to
sksconf and specifying some number of hours for SKS to automatically reload
address data.

Best regards,


Missing from recon since first or second addr change:

Long-term MIA:

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