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New SKS keyserver:

Michael Köllejan

I have installed a new SKS keyserver today. Now I am looking for peers. To keep it short and concise I'll just quote and answer

> I am running SKS version 1.1.0, on
> This is currently a private machine for experimental purposes.
> The server is physically located in Falkenstein (DE).
> The machine does not have IPv6 connectivity; this is going to change soon.
> I have loaded a keydump from, dated 2010-12-10.
> I see 2893794 keys loaded.
> 11370 # Michael Koellejan <[hidden email]> 0xC36C41FE

Currently this setup is of experimental nature. Depending on traffic and stability I may or may not be able to keep it.  

Best Regards,
Michael Koellejan

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