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Output COFF objects on Windows

Jonathan Newman-2
Hi all,
I understand that `tcc -c` will always produce ELF object files, even on Windows. Unfortunately most other tools don't like these files and will refuse to link with them, which makes it impractical to use tcc alongside other tools on Windows. (I'd ideally like to use tcc for C and something else for C++, without needing to completely segregate them into different DLLs- although I can imagine other use cases.)

It looks like TCC does have some level of support for readingĀ and writing COFF- it can handle coff resource files and can apparently be forced to do something special for theĀ TMS320C67xx target. It also (obviously) supports PE/COFF when outputting EXEs and DLLs.

Can someone more familiar with the intricacies of TCC on win32 give me a general overview of what it would take to add support for producing (and linking against) coff object files? I'm happy to do the research and attempt it myself if someone can reassure me that it's a reasonable thing to try.

- Jonathan

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