Periodic 'freezes' in video (matching GOP size)

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Periodic 'freezes' in video (matching GOP size)

Jerry Jongerius

I have a video producer behind a slow’ish uplink, which results in the I-Frame being transmitted over 700ms+ (GOP is 2s).  The front end is an Android device running Linphone.


What I see is the video ‘freezing’ for a very brief period of time every 2s (which matches the GOP time frame).  If the video producer is moved to a faster link (so I-Frame is sent faster, say 500ms), the ‘freezes’ go away.  If the video producer is moved to an even slower link (so I-Frame is sent over 1500ms), the ‘freezes’ remain the same.


Packet captures show the android device is receiving all packets (so assuming Linphone is receiving all frames).


Why is video ‘freezing’ (very briefly) every 2s, and are there any settings to tweak to fix this?




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