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Gianpaolo Serafini
I'm a beginner using Emacs and Planner.  I started run planner a couple of
mounths ago. Since now I added many tasks and I get a nice control of my
activities. What I would like to achive is a better control of "unfinished
tasks". Afer a period using planner I think can appen to loose a bit the
control of your activities because of tasks entered sometimes in the past
without schedule. Of course such problem is managed by some nice functions that
in my system I can't get working!!! For example if I use:

M x planner-tasks-overview

I get this:

Searching for program: no such file or directory, grep

Yes I'm using emacs under Windows...

Or if I use:

M x planner-tasks-overview-sort-by-status

I get no results at all!

I also tied to run this function (found somewere in the net):

(defun saint/planner-list-unfinished-plan-tasks (&optional plan)
  "Returns all unfinished tasks in a given PLAN.  If PLAN is not
  provided, ask the user for the PLAN page."
  ;; if plan isn't passed in, ask user for the plan page
  (while (null (planner-page-exists-p plan t))
        (setq plan (planner-read-non-date-page (planner-file-alist))))
  (planner-extract-tasks-with-status (list plan) '("o" "P" "_" ">")))

When I run

M x planner-list-unfinished-task

I get this error message:

while: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

I think this problems are related to Windows (grep..) I there some alternative
way to get a list of all tasks...

Thanks a lot


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