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Presenting Project Chipnigma

Bastiko Pradhana
Hello all,

I am in the midst of an interesting project. I call it Project Chipnigma, which aims to re-interpret, reimagine, and recreate all the levels in the game Chip's Challenge for Enigma. Enigma has always reminded me of Chip's Challenge, but I find it more interesting and more valuable to play than the latter. So that is why this is an intriguing project.

Currently I have 29 of the 148 original levels made, and I am in the process of conceptualizing many more. For now I want to offer a trial pack of levels for commentary and evaluation. Attached in this e-mail are five of the 29 levels that I have made, with some explanations:
001: Lesson 1 - the first CC level, still uses doors, but with different opening mechanisms, also a tutorial level
010: Brushfire - uses the Fire System and the Meditation concept (really hard! needs a steady hand)
027: Go with the Flow - uses swamp (to replace force floors in the original), bolders (for tanks), and bomb stones (for the second water puzzle)
031: Knot - laser puzzle (timed, 55 seconds to arrange the mirrors)
039: Glut - uses the Puzzle Library, contains huge clusters
067: Chipmine - hidden maze level with breakable stones in place of blue walls
138: Partial Post - use of seeds, rings, and know-how of vortices

I have undoubtedly come across problems while trying to create levels and I would like to address those if you are interested. You are also welcome to take a look at the original game and optionally come up with level ideas.

Please enjoy these re-interpretative levels and I hope to have more for you soon.

 - Bastiko Pradhana

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