Problem building axiom on Fedora 25

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Problem building axiom on Fedora 25

Clancy, Dominic
Dear Developers, 

Please accept my apologies in advance for bothering you 
with a tedious build problem. However, despite several heroic
attempts, I couldn't figure out how to get axiom to build on 

After downloading the axiom-master.tar.gz directory from the 
github archive, /daly/axiom, I attempted to build axiom on 
Fedora 25 Linux. (4.9.14-200.fc25.x86_64 Linux.)
Specifically, after downloading and unpacking the axiom-master 
zip directory from github into a directory called 


I first issued the command:

  setsebool -P allow_execheap 1

following the suggestion given in FAQ 53, and then executed: 

  export AXIOM=/home/dominic/axiom/mnt/fedora64
  export PATH=$AXIOM/bin:$PATH 
  make NOISE= | tee console

The build process failed after just a few minutes, 
and I have no idea why. I have attached the Makefile.pdf 
and the log file "console" in a tarred archive for 
your edification.  

Any polite suggestions for a diagnosis and treatment?
Do I have some texlive packages missing perhaps, is 
it a problem with SELinux, or is it something entirely 

Many thanks!


Dr Dominic Clancy
Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics
University of Innsbruck
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Re: Problem building axiom on Fedora 25

Tim Daly
The problem appears to be that GCC has changed the meaning of
'inline' and 'extern' which causes GCL (the underlying lisp) to fail to
build. This is supposed to be fixed in the next release of GCL.

The fix is calling gcc with -std=gnu89 when compiling GCL

The next release of GCL is still 'experimental' so Axiom has not
yet integrated it into the build. There are several short-term workarounds.

Currently Axiom is released on Docker when the algebra changes. Most
of the other changes are documenation which is available on the
Axiom website or Wikipedia so there is no need to update Docker.

If you're only interested in using (rather than developing) you could
   yum install axiom
from the debian version.

Another alternative is to run it in VirtualBox using Ubuntu 16.04


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