Problems with slime and tile/float maps

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Problems with slime and tile/float maps

Alex Kost

I have a strange problem: my bindings in `*tile-group-top-map*' and
`*float-group-top-map*' defined in .stumpwmrc work as expected.  But
when i define any binding in `*top-map*' on the fly (using slime/swank),
bindings from tile/float maps don't work anymore.

Does anyone have a clue?

I will appreciate if someone would make such a test:

1. Add some binding in tile/float map (in .stumpwmrc), for example:
   (define-key *tile-group-top-map* (kbd "s-f") "fullscreen")

2. Restart StumpWM. (Note: pressing "s-f" works after this step)

3. Using SLIME, define something new in top-map, for example:
   (define-key *top-map* (kbd "C-M-T") "echo foo")

After that pressing "s-f" on a tiling window doesn't work for me
anymore.  Does it for you?

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