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QSO Party Challenge

Nate Bargmann-4
I saw that there is now a QSO party challenge:


This got me to thinking.  At present Tlf is limited to one event at a
time.  If one of our users wants to use Tlf, quite a bit of juggling
would need to take place.  For example, this weekend has three QSO
parties running that are a part of the challenge.  It would not be easy
to tune around and work the various stations by closing and opening Tlf
for each QSO.

A thought crossed my mind to have a sort of server/client setup where
one instance of Tlf would be controlling the radio and would supply
updates via UDP to one or more clients.  Yeah, this is probably fraught
with a number of race conditions especially when a client makes a radio
control request.

Another aspect is CW generation and whether cwdaemon and work-alikes can
accept data from multiple clients or whether that would need to be sent
to the server Tlf.

Third is the sending of sound files.  On the one hand Pulse Audio could
be an assist here and on the other, a lot of people detest PA.

At the moment I am just brain storming.

73, Nate


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