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Re: Dolibarr-dev Digest, Vol 194, Issue 1 & another Question

Hubert Andriolo
+1 it's great to implement validation rules for external and sold modules (for once Dolibarr goes in the right direction to "standardize" and make it more clear and mandatory for sellers to use a "templated way to develop a module") 
There were many examples of bad experiences and quite bad examples of developped extensions with many complaints and little patches after the module is sold with sometimes long time waiting for official support. 
Now Dolistore and Forum (and users when they buy from Dolistore) are almost sure to have core-and-rule-compliant-modules, following all the same rules.

A little question : 
Is there a limit of SOAP API calls Dolibarr (or a server) can send in a time given ? 
(We send many API calls arround 250 to 300 per hour (so, 4 to 5 per second) 
Some of them never reach or reach very lately our other server )
What causes many dealys because page is waiting for API answer before displaying correctly
I will wait for your answer before double posting ;)

Thanks in advance

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   1. Regression when uploading modules on
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Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 00:50:38 +0200
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Subject: [Dolibarr-dev] Regression when uploading modules on
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Hi Dolibarr developper.

Due to regression after an upgrade of the DoliStore platform managed
by the Dolibarr foundation, few developers may have experienced
troubles when uploading a new version of a module during the last 48h.
Most troubles have been fixed, at least, all the one that were
reported (according to the process described into the error message).

Also note that the rules to validate a package that are implemented
into the feature to upload a file on dolibarr application (menu Home -
Setup - Modules - Deploy an external module) are now also implemented
into the DoliStore quality control tool. So if you never test the
deployment of your module using the deploy external modules features
(provided since dolibarr v6+), it's time to do it...

----- What you have to do now:
- If you never test your module can be deployed correctly, it's time
to do it before submitting it.

----- What you have to do if you still experience an error when
uploading a new version of a module:
- Just follow instruction on screen.

Laurent aka Eldy.


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