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Re: Groebner bases of a set of equations

Raymond Rogers-3

IMHO: It tries but I think you have to drop out on "INT" to do better.

On 02/18/2014 11:36 AM, sahin wrote:

I am trying to obtain Groebner bases of a system of equations. Below is my

(1) -> m : List DMP([ca,sa,x,y],FRAC POLY INT)
(2) -> m :=

asking for groebner bases is leading to
(3) -> groebner(m)

   (3)  [1]

which does not make sense to me. The equations are based on a physical
system and I can't see any reason that would lead to an inconsistency. Why
am I getting [1] as the result? Any help or insight would be

Best Regards,

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