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Re: Seems to be badly broken?

Chris Hall
Never mind.

Apparently weblogger *requires* a "blog id" when talking to WordPress.

FYI, "Invalid header 'Newsgroup:'" when try to view my posts.  Had to
comment out the offending function call(s), byte-compile and load.
(Found a post from I think 2005? 2009? Saying that is what he had to do).

One time, when I tried to byte-compile it complained that 'caddr was not
know to be defined', then I tried to list my post, sure enough it BLEW UP!

So now I have (require 'cl) before (require 'weblogger) in my .emacs.

Also, when I try to 'Edit Main Template", it bombs, because OH YEAH! Its
a *WordPress* blog NOT a *Blogger* blog.

So, any ideas about how to help weblogger keep from getting so confused
about whom it is talking to?



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