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Re: Tinycc-devel Digest, Vol 196, Issue 3

Hello All

my line has changed according to the answer)

rem tcc -vv glfw.def opengl32.def glu32.def -DGLFW_DLL -run triangle.c
tcc -vvv -LC:/tcc -lglfw -lopengl32 -lglu32 -DGLFW_DLL -run triangle.c

-vvv this option was great)

C:\tcc\examples\glfw-2>tcc -vvv -LC:/tcc -lglfw -lopengl32 -lglu32 -DGLFW_DLL -run triangle.c
tcc version 0.9.27 (i386 Windows)
-> C:/tcc/glfw.def
-> C:/tcc/opengl32.def
-> C:/tcc/glu32.def
-> triangle.c
nf C:/tcc/libtcc1-32.a
-> c:/tcc/lib/libtcc1-32.a
nf C:/tcc/msvcrt.def
-> c:/tcc/lib/msvcrt.def
nf C:/tcc/kernel32.def
-> c:/tcc/lib/kernel32.def

moved all files with the extension .def to the lib folder

tcc -vvv -lglfw -lopengl32 -lglu32 -DGLFW_DLL -run triangle.c

tcc -vvv -lglfw -lopengl32 -lglu32 -DGLFW_DLL -run triangle.c
tcc version 0.9.27 (i386 Windows)
-> c:/tcc/lib/glfw.def
-> c:/tcc/lib/opengl32.def
-> c:/tcc/lib/glu32.def
-> triangle.c

Thank you very much)

> -L always has an effect only in combination with -l :
>      tcc -L<path> -lglfw ...
> With this tcc will look in <path> for
>      glfw.def, libglfw.def, glfw.dll, libglfw.dll, libglfw.a
> in that order (unless -static is given in which case tcc will
> look for libglfw.a only.)
>      tcc -vvv ... shows unsuccessful attempts too (nf = not found)

AndreyCh <[hidden email]>

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