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Re: dazukofs patches for several kernels / distros

Lino Sanfilippo
Nil Nik wrote:
> Hello,
> I installed dazukofs-3.0.0-rc4_2.6.27_ub_os11.1 as per your
> suggestion. Thanks for your quick reply.
> Now i have one problem please tell me How to ignore the process which
> is registered to the dazukofs?
> Thanks.

Hi Nil,

When you load the dazukofs module there is a /dev/dazukofs.ign file. The
thread that wants to be
ignored simply has to open the file. It will be ignored by dazukofs
until it closes the file.
Note that there is (yet) no way for a thread A to tell dazukofs to
ignore a thread B.
A thread that wants to be ignored always has to open the mentioned file

Lino Sanfilippo

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