Re: duply/duplicity seems to explode with GnuPG 2.1.21

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Re: duply/duplicity seems to explode with GnuPG 2.1.21

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I have the same issue. This is a bug that has been introduced in GnuPG
2.1.21. GnuPG returns an error code, even though the signing operation
was successful. The problem has been fixed already in git [1]. Until
2.1.22 is released, I think it's best to downgrade to 2.1.20 (and
convert your keys to the new keyring format if not yet done, to avoid
the corrupting bug in 2.1.19...)

By the way, this bug would not occur if duplicity selected the signing
key with --local-user instead of --default-key. This is better anyway
(if a explicit signing key is set in duplicity) because gpg continues
if the key specified by --default-key is not available. So it could
happen that the backups are signed with another key unintentionally.



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