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Eric Leblond-2

Le mercredi 16 mai 2007 à 19:31 +0200, jellad tarek a écrit :
> help me please
> in the howto  (and documentation) the relation between nuwf et
> netfilter is not clear.
> where is netfilter and ldap here ????
> (
> And  the final decision is taken by nufw or netfilter????

As kernel is the one routing packet, this is Netfilter is responsible
for the final decision. As you may know, nufw is a userspace application
using libipq or libnetfilter_queue : nufw answers to Netfilter request
and tell if a packet must be accepted or dropped.

Ldap is used to store acl and is queried by nuauth the authentication

IF you are able to read french, have a look at :

> sorry but the doc miss full scenarios  (witch must be given )
> thanks

PS : Mailling list address is [hidden email]

Eric Leblond

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