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Hello list members.

I read the closing of with interest.

What everyone fails to realise is that in the EU, Data Protection
Laws ONLY protect PERSONALLY INDENTIFYING DATA.  In a ruling of the
European Court and various EU countries (as well as the USA), e-
mail addresses and encryption keys ARE NOT personally indentifying
data, full stop.  I ran into such personal data questions almost
daily as consultant for several EU International Banks while
administering firewalls and proxy servers so have been involved in
data protection closely.

Personal data in the EU means photos, bank accounts, home address,
work address, wages, telephone numbers, some criminal records,
specific family details and internet usage habits.

From this it is very clear that the only part of an sks entry that
"could" infringe Data Protections Laws is an uploaded photo. I say
"could", because many people do not associate their full names with
a key. (i.e. using initials for first or middle names)

Furthermore, if it were the desire of someone to remove their photo
from the sks DB, under EU DP Laws, they must do so in writing.  
Writing DOES NOT include notification by e-mail unless the e-mail
is signed with the appropriate key, but even this is not acceptable
in some countries.  FAX is not an acceptable notification method in
various EU countries.

My advice to the Pramberger crew is see what the laws are in
Austria regarding legal written notifications (e-mails,FAX,post).
This is something a Solicitor will be able to tell you very


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